Implementation of LEAN projects in the aeronautics industry

02 Aug
Pièce de réacteur de l'industrie aéronautique

Case study - Technical Support


Type of company: Global Group
Field of business: Aeronautics
Activity: Development, manufacture and distribution of engines and other equipment for the aeronautics industry
Issues: Implementation of two Lean management projects

Course of the mission:
1 full-time consultant / 14 weeks by project

Preliminary Phase:

  • Definition of the perimeter
  • Appointment of the sponsor
  • Evaluation of the duration of the construction site
  • Analysis of the major processes influencing the service/sector

Measurement Phase:

  • Irritants, observations
  • Focus group, VOC
  • Process workshops
  • Feedback from experience
  • Evaluation of managerial practices

Analysis Phase:

  • Valuation of the ‘waste’.
  • Summary of the elements of the diagnosis
  • Determination of the improvement plan

Improvement Phase:

  • Deployment of the improvement plan with the lever drivers
  • Setting up daily events with analysis of indicators

Control Phase:

  • Follow-up of daily activities
  • Verification of the achievement of the initial assumptions in terms of gains

Results: 15% gain in efficiency to iso-effectiveness