Accompanying change

28 Oct
Tubes de profilés en plastique

Case study / Consulting


Type of company: SME
Field of business: Plastics Industry
Activity: Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles Activity: Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles
Issues: HR support following the arrival of a new management team

The company is in a phase of significant transfer of knowledge and skills from the previous manager to the new management. This dependence is a major risk factor. Management considers HRM as a key to success in the project. It therefore wishes to be equipped with a complete HR process in order to secure, streamline and facilitate practices and provide formalisation. It also wishes to be supported to enable the company to move from a craft-type structure to a more industrial structure, while developing the autonomy of the production unit, structuring the organisation as well as possible and planning the increase in employee skills.

Course of the mission:

The entire HR process is mapped. The competencies for each position are mapped.
A job competency assessment tool has been created.
The annual and professional interview grids have been revised.
The pay grid has been reworked based on the elements of the collective agreement,
The recruitment and integration process of a new employee was formalised.
The welcome booklet was created.
The job descriptions have been revised.
The organisation chart was reviewed.
Specific operating procedures for each sub-process have been created.