AB Serve Group


Founded in 2004, and chaired by André Bousser, AB Serve Group supports organisations from all sectors in their efforts to make progress. In addition to ADVISTEAM’s Consulting, Training and Technical Support services, the group’s companies also offer their services in the fields of Quality and Industrial Logistics, Employment and Heavy Industry.

AB Serve Group was founded in 1996 as a company dedicated to the management and processing of steel products and co-products, and since then has been driven by a genuine service culture. Over time, AB Serve Group has grown in size. From innovation to the acquisition of new know-how, through the development of partnerships and geographical deployment, each of the strategic choices of AB Serve Group’s companies has resulted from listening carefully to the needs of its customers.


With the common objective of supporting companies in the development of their performance, the companies of AB Serve Group offer a wide range of complementary services in the following areas: