Technical support


In a global support logic, we have developed technical support solutions. These services are sold by IQST, our dedicated brand. They consist in providing functional and / or operational expertise that you do not have internally, to carry out your project.

To deal with a strategic issue, an emergency or a managerial deficiency, your structure may need an external resource. We offer to share the functional and industrial expertise of our consultants to provide you with the methodological, technological and operational support necessary to achieve your objective.
Carried out by your side, directly on the field, our missions can take three forms. As part of a methodological support, which can follow a training action or a consulting mission, the action of our consultant aims to formalize an approach adapted to your structure and to ensure the good appropriation by your teams of new operating methods and tools. Through operational support, they assist your teams in the implementation of the project by helping them structure, plan, analyse risks, collect information, set up and monitor relevant performance indicators. This approach saves you precious time and allows you to stay focused on your core business, while empowering your teams. Finally, because imposing new methods can affect and frighten your employees, IQST helps you support change. Necessary to guarantee the success of your projects, the process consists of reassuring, motivating and uniting your teams around a common objective, by giving meaning to the actions carried out.
Integrated into your teams, our consultant combines expertise, interpersonal skills, commitment and discretion to ensure that your objectives are met. With a method that has proven itself, and in a pragmatic, human and ethical approach, his intervention can, among other things, focus on :

  • Your quality management through a Quality Resident
  • The setting up of a Lean management project
  • Purchase
  • Quality Management Systems deployment
  • The management of an HR department
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